Current Salon Lash Services

Live life to the fullest. Fullest lashes that is!

Lash Lifting

Don’t curl your lashes. Lift them!
Our treatment from Elleebana lifts eyelashes upwards, giving them height, volume, and length. Non-invasive and semi-permanent, lash lifting separates, nourishes and conditions your eyelashes for about  six to eight weeks – not bad for a 30-minute treatment!
Read more about our lash lifting treatment here.

Lash Tinting Treatment

Want eye-popping results? BOOM! Our signature lash tinting may be added to your lash lifting treatment. Perfect for those with lighter-colored lashes and anyone seeking a more dramatic look, lash tinting deposits rich color directly onto your lashes, eliminating the need for mascara.

Current Salon’s lash lift and lash tinting treatments revitalize your daily routine without compromising your favorite activities. You can still swim, dance, sweat and go about your life, all the while knowing it got just a little bit easier.