How-To: Adding Quick Volume & Texture

Dream of rocking voluminous hair on the go, like our style inspiration, Blake Lively? Now that fall schedules are in full swing, it’s sometimes all you can do to get out the door on time in the mornings, much less leave with great hair! For a quick look on the go with plenty of texture and volume, try a dry texturing spray. One of our favorites is Eufora Full Effect. This product is truly the perfect hybrid of hair spray and dry shampoo. In addition to refreshing the hair and adding volume, it can even give new life to flat, second-day curls. It really does work magic on all hair types!

Here’s how to work with a dry texturing spray:

To refresh and add volume, apply the spray to dry hair. Unlike a dry shampoo, which is designed to soak up natural oils and is applied only at the roots, texturing spray can be applied all over. Simply lift large sections of your hair and spray throughout to create weightless volume.

To bring curls back to life, spritz your hair with the spray and reshape curls with your fingers. The spray should give your strands just enough texture to hold the style.

Need help using this product? We’d be happy to show you the ropes the next time you’re in the salon!