Brittany Leone

Salon Coordinator

Brittany Leone - Current Salon & Color Bar

Originally from Purcellville, Virginia, Britt fell in love with the beauty industry while working as a receptionist for a salon in 2003. With a desire to help people “feel as incredible and unique on the outside as they do on the inside,” she made the decision to begin her career as a professional stylist.

Britt graduated with a cosmetology license from The Temple, a Paul Mitchell Partner School, in 2007 and over the course of a few years, transitioned from Senior Stylist into serving as a front desk salon manager. It was behind the salon desk that she really found her niche and decided to continue in that role. “Having 6 years behind the chair really helped me to become more connected to each individual client,” she said. “I feel I’m better able to narrow down their needs over the phone and place them with the very best stylist or service for their particular goals.”

In her spare time, Britt loves anything with a motor and enjoys attending car meets as well as riding her Yamaha R6 street bike. She also enjoys an active lifestyle and experiencing all the world has to offer, from waterskiing and wakeboarding, riding her horse and playing outside with her two black labs. Whatever she is doing, the most important part of her life is the people around her. “At the end of the day, if I am working with and around bright and positive people, my soul is truly happy.”