Koray Acarsoy

Stylist - Level III

Current Salon & Color Bar by Nese - Koray Acarsoy

Koray’s Hours

Sunday – OFF

Monday – OFF

Tuesday – 9am – 7pm

Wednesday – 9am – 7pm

Thursday – 9am – 7pm

Friday – 9am – 6pm

Saturday – 9am – 6pm

Starting his career under the guidance of his uncle Kenan, Koray Acarsoy has been working in the hair salon industry since 2000. “When I was a boy, I wanted to be a ‘hair wizard’ when I grew up,” said the Ankara, Turkey native. “I haven’t lost that passion and I try to further my skills and education every opportunity I get.”

Koray loves edgy cuts, light color balayage, and ombré, and he uses his many years of experience to give clients the look they want while carefully considering the integrity and health of the hair. “Hairstylists don’t have wands, even if they are hair wizards,” he says with a laugh. “We have shears, paint brushes, razors, and a very clear idea of what will work with each client. Seeing a smile in the mirror when i’m done and having someone feel good about how they look is the best kind of magic.”

Koray recently received his permanent residency in the United States after an 18-month process and happily works beside his brother, Mehmet Acarsoy at Current Salon. When he’s not designing the latest hairstyles for his clients, Koray enjoys working out, traveling, and hitting the area’s entertainment scene. He has also enrolled in English classes to further expedite his assimilation to the U.S.